Pot spacing machine

After a long time of engineering we are glad to present you our newest development for our plant spacing equipment.

We present you a “patented” system for the spacing and collecting of plastic flowerpots.

Because there are so many different sizes and quality of flowerpots we developed a deck with 12 chain gutters which are adjustable from 10 to 16 cm by turning a knob on the back of each gutter.

Because this adjustment possibility one can define their own pressure on the side of the pots and thus precisely determine the pressure point at which the pot is best clamped, regardless of the hardness and quality of the pot !

With this system you have the option to space the flower pots both in width and in length, and also staggered pattern spacing belongs to the possibility’s.

For the propagators/growers who using our IDEAAL spacing combination systems (spacing and pick-up deck) already, the new deck fits on the driving part of this system !

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Construction work

Construction work

At IDEAAL Machinebouw en Constructie, a team of skilled construction fitters, welders, and electrical engineers are at your disposal in order to comply with almost all your wishes in the construction and electro-technical fields. This concerns construction and welding activities of steel, stainless …

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