Tray pick up belts

Since picking up, transporting and placing plants trays is intensive and hard labour, IDEAAL was looking for a way to make this all more agreeable. Now we introduce a unique picking system, which is suited for a fork-lift truck, but a self-driving version is certainly also an option.

You can indicate length and width dimensions; of course we will first consider whether we support this production before we start manufacturing.

Pick-up belt 4,650 mm wide (Klik voor een grote weergave) Self-driving pick-up belt 2,000 mm wide (Klik voor een grote weergave) Pike up belt 2000 mm wide (Klik voor een grote weergave)


Crate clamps and bearers

Crate clamps and bearers

Lifting, stacking and transporting plant crates is a very labour-intensive and heavy activity. Therefore IDEAAL introduces crate clamps and bearers to the market, in order to alleviate the work and to increase capacity. The crate clamps and bearers must be placed on the fork of a fork-lift t…

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